Website Revitalized

Can you believe that it is Monday again and the start of another week. Well it is not as if my week actually had an end to it.

Most people enjoy a relaxing weekend with family and friends, but this weekend, Sean and I were working. To those who know us, it is nothing new. This weekend was the finishing touches on our website that had us working really hard. The final touches of anything can really be an irritation, especially when it looks good, but not quite good enough. So we tweaked and tweaked some more until we came up with the copy that we launched this morning. It’s our first real attempt at Flex, so it may be a bit raw. 

I played travel agent today, searching for flights from Durban to Johannesburg for the 19th of March. Sean has to fly up for a meeting. Exciting times, lets hope it will be fruitful. You would think that using the same airports the airport taxes would be the same price. Ah, but this is not the case!! you fly with mango (SAA’s Cheaper carrier) and you get to pay R247 approximately and then we hit BA. There you get to sit with a whopping airport tax of R740 approximately. Seriously, its the same airport … Come on people.


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