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We have had incredible results with our new F1-2008 application and have decided to release a new version which contains the championship standings for both drivers and constructors. We are also including a race by race results that will be uploaded to our servers straight after the race. This feature is fantastic if you have missed the race and would like to know who finished where for which race.

We normally support the Nokia Series 60 phones because we know that our applications work on these devices and that there are no problems. We were pleasantly surprised when a client bought our application for his HTC device. The functionality of the application was normal. The HTC device has a touch screen and this feature was not available and the user had to rely on his arrow keys.

We did encounter one problem though… The series 60 handsets all have a 15 digit IMEI number that needs to be sent through to us in order for the application to be registered on our server. The IMEI number is a unique number for a handset and as such prevents people from hacking into our applications. The HTC Devices has a 17 digit IMEI number and only displays 15 digits, therefore not allowing the user to access the application because the IMEI number on our server does not correspond with the one on his phone. A special code *#06# needs to be typed to get the complete code.

The feedback from the client was incredible and and we are happy with the end result… a happy client.

Hi Kirsten,

Thanks again for the brilliant support…
Thanks also for the Michael Schumacher Application, I am a Schummi Fan, and have been from when he 1st got into an F1 car in Silverstone in 1991, and my fanaticism grew from there.

I was fortunate enough to get to see him race in Monza in 2006, and was in the stands opposite the pits when he announced his resignation from F1. With that as a background, you can understand just how much I appreciate the Application. On Schummi’s resignation, I picked a new rookie, and he is Sebastian Vettel, who I hope will soon show his form.

I have tested all aspects of the Application and it functions perfectly on the HTC. Only issue is that the HTC has a touch screen, and none of the selections work off the touch screen, and I have to use the buttons below the screen. Hey but with such a useful and informative App, I don’t mind leaving the stylus in its hideaway, and using the buttons. The same applies to the F1-2008 application.

I am very pleased that you are going to add in the 2008 race results and championship standings, as that completes a superb F1 Application.

Who is the F1 nut in your team, I can’t contain my interest in finding out, as it is even more evident from the Michael Schumacher Application.

Thanks again, it is a pleasure dealing with professionals.

BTW…. Do you ever sleep




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