New Version of F1-2008 Available…

I hope you all enjoyed your break… All this break did for us, was show us just how much work there really is.

I was hoping to spend a relaxing long weekend on the beach with Sean, but as you can well imagine it didn’t work out that way. My brother-in-law came to visit for the week and it was one of the busiest times for our little company. We were hoping to spend some time with him and take him around Durban.We thought, it’s easter and things will be quiet and we will have the whole week after easter to spend with Terry and ease back into a busy schedule. Yip, that’s right, plan something and things don’t work out the way you plan.

So far, we have sold more F1-2008 applications than last year and it has only been two weeks since the first Grand Prix. We have decided to release a second version that contains race results as well as championship standings for both the drivers and the constructors. Initially we decided not to include these two features in the application due to the lack of RSS feeds available, and after careful consideration we decided the best thing to do is put the feature back in the application.

There has also been a chance that we needed to develop a Flash game for a company, but were never too sure when they would like to begin and they had no clear idea where they wanted to go with the game. It seems that now they know and we need to start planning our resources around this.

So it is very exciting times here at iLite and lets just hope that things go according to plan.

f1_2008_mainmenu.jpg f1_2008_raceresults.jpg f1_2008_worldchamps.jpg


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