The Week From HELL!!!!

When you start you own business, you feel invincible and nothing can get you down. Well do I have news for you….

It was a relaxing weekend, no serious drama’s to report on or to rush out and fix. We decided to take it really calm and took a ride to the beach and really relaxed and had the fresh breeze blowing in our faces. I got home and decided to prepare the perfect meal to end off our week. A roast with vegetables very yummy….

Half an hour after the Sunday evening meal, it hit me. A monster of a headache, which left me feeling nauseous and stiff in my neck. I felt like I really wanted to crawl into a little ball and die. But those in the same boat as me know, that there is no time to feel like this. There is work to be done and I had already had the weekend off.

So Monday morning I dragged my butt out of bed and back to the office. It has been slow going, but I am finally back to where I should be, hence back to the blog. Not without several dramas along the way.

I am trying something new this week, I am teaching myself how to do graphics in Adobe’s Illustrator.

So hopefully things will be smoother next week and there will be regular posts again about us and our prospects for our little venture.


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