Playing around

So maybe you have stumbled onto my postings about this ‘Dashboard’ that I am building, and you have wondered what it’s all about. So let me explain.

It all started when we becang to host and administer a Moodle site for a large company in the UAE. The site has 7 courses, close to 1000 users and about 50 plus groups.
Each group has it’s own enrollment key. Users are automatically added to the Group based on their enrollment key when they log in. We needed an easy way to view which users had done what training. We also had to do reporting on a weekly basis for all the users, Groups and Courses.

For kicks I started playing around in Flex, and slowly the Moodle Dashboard began to evolve. As I planned and hacked away at the code, people said to me, “Hey, could you add this, or that feature?” Some I have been able to do, others are on the “list”.

If you have looked at the Dashboard, but would liketo play around with it, then head on over to our Moodle site at and play. Log in with any of the Bond charactors. The username is the name in lowercase, password is password. Alternatively register and access the site that way.

Tomorrow I’ll explain how we are able to add 50 enrollment keys to a course. If you do know, post the answer and let’s compare notes. If you don’t know, then stay tuned.


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