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Moodle off-line, now there is a thought. I don’t actually mean taking Moodle off-line, just a course. Wrap your head around this if you will.

When a User starts a course, they download a Flash file for each lesson to a know location on their local drive. When they start a particular lesson, the link in the lesson references the Flash file on their local drive. It passes in their ID, CourseID and any other parameters needed.

Once they have reached the end of the Flash file, they click Save/Submit and the information is sent back to Moodle and stored with Course.

I guess one of the problems with the above scenario is that the Flash Activity in Moodle is a bit dodgy. I know some people get it working, and others don’t. I also know that there is a group who are looking at rewriting the module. I am not to sure what the progress on that is.

There has been some discussions around this in the Moodle forums, but if you have any ideas, let me know.


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  1. hi….
    nice blog you have… I’m new to WordPress etc. and am making progress on using it…. I do have an interest in offline learning and am slowly trying to get the right developers etc in to place to do this…

    I envision the same as you… Using flash play the content (lesson) offline and send the results back to Moodle!
    portable moodle is an option but not a very good one.. a better idea like you presented is to send the results back to Moodle from the flash lesson… One other developer I found
    is working on something down this line with flex/flash communicating with Moodle… Sounds like you need to get together and see what can be done… I just a technology guy not a developer but have many schools etc interested in offline courses in flash communicating with Moodle….


    • Hi

      I was doing the same thing that Mat was doing, oddly round about the same time. I could not get Jamie’s Flash module to work, so I hacked the PHP could, and added my own AS2 code to a Flash framework.

      My approach was similar to the Flash framework I used with Docent a few years ago. All the code was in the Flash framework. The developers, would take the framework, build the content inside it, and compile it.

      I am sure this is exactly what Jamie did, and what Mat is doing. I am just a bit slow I guess, and could not get it figured.

      I hear what you are saying about using Flash. For what it’s worth, I think I would build an AIR wrapper that communicates with Moodle.
      The Student downloads the AIR application to their PC. When they sign-in, it connects to Moodle, and pulls their details. They would need to see all their courses, and all courses they may do/have access to. They would then need the option to resume their current course, or enroll for a new one.

      If they resume, the content will be local, and they simply continue, and their progress is tracked (locally in SQLite and later sync’d to Moodle).
      If they enroll for a new course, a download to a known folder is done, and once complete, they are allowed to continue.



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