Dashboard testing

Where are looking for a few beta testers for our Moodle dashboard application. If there are any of you out there running Moodle 1.9 and would like to deploy and test the dashboard, drop us a mail.

UserID to view the demo dashboard:

Username: mary
Password: password


  1. Basic knowledge of PHP. You will have to update the config file, and copy some folders to the root of your server. The Dashboard uses the PHP files to access the Moodle DB and return data. This is only a READ, and nothing will be touched, modified or changed in your DB.
  2. A userID

What to do:

  1. Copy the PHP folder to your server
  2. Copy the Flash folder to your server
  3. Create an ID at iLite (or we can send you one)
  4. Update the config.php file with your Moodle details

How the Dashboard works.
The Dashboard uses the PHP files on your server to retrieve the data from your Moodle database. AMFPHP is used, which gives us a little more performance. Use the icons at the top to navigate between the different screens.

If you would like more information, or have some ideas about how we can improve it, please drop me a mail at kirsten@ilite.co.za

If your idea is good enought, we’ll use it and give you a copy of the Dashboard free.

All that we would like from you is a little feedback on how the Dashboard is preforming. Things you do like and things you don’t like. Information like the OS you are using, the number of users and courses you have and whether you are using SCORM Activities.


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