Editing a component

In my previous post I showed a short movie on how to create content using our responsive authoring tool. I thought I would break the process down a little more in this post and show you how easy it is to edit a component.

Each component has four basic controls, namely:

  1. Help – Hover over the icon to display help for the selected component
  2. Edit – Edit the selected component
  3. Drag – Drag the component to a new position on the screen
  4. Remove – Remove the component from the screen

The Help popup shows some of the feature available that can be customized for the selected component. Once you know which styles or properties you wish to edit, simply click the edit button to view the code.

The styles and properties can be changed in the code view, while the content can be update using the visual editing tools. Although this is a panel component, nothing stops you from adding in images, a table or even a movie clip.

Once you have made the changes, click the save button to close the popup and view the updated content.

Editing Content

This animation shows how easy it is to change the colour on the panel.

Editing Content

Hover over the help button to display content-sensitive help for the selected component.

Editing Content

Click the edit button to view the component code.

Editing Content

Switch between the code view and the visual editor.

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