5 countries and a little SCORM

Today was a good day. In the space of 8 hours we spoke to client in 6 different countries. Multi-lingual LMS and CMS are no longer the exception to us. We take platform integration with existing or proposed systems as a given. Building a stand-along Moodle in English may mean you are not covering enough ground with your content. Sites and content are becoming response to different devices, so why not also multi-lingual – on my device in my language

Since this is a coding block, well mostly, here is a little code. This is not so much a way of doing things, but more a fix to a problem. One of our clients developed their own SCORM content that was to big to fit into the popup page without scrolling. The content could not be made smaller, so the window had to be made bigger. The fix for this was to remove the header from the top of the popup page.

I did this using the following bit of code below – adding it to the mod->scorm->player.php page.

Find the “scormpage” id on the page, roughly line 214 and add the bit of code in bold above it. As mentioned this may not be the best way to do this, but if you are in a bind and need a solution, then the code below will get the job done

    #page-header {
display: none;
<div id=”scormpage”>


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