Moodle Mobile 1.10 and 1.11 Released

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Posted on Wednesday, 21 January, 2015
The Moodle Mobile team having been working tirelessly to bring to the users the latest in efficiency and usability from the mobile application. Aiming to provide a coherent and intuitive experience, the app has seen 3 major new features in the past releases.

A new interface similar to Whatsapp/Telegram has been introduced to messaging within the app. This provides the ability to view recent conversations, search for contacts, add/remove contacts and view user profiles. Available in 1.10

The Moodle calendar from your course now has the ability to integrate into your device calendar, providing push notifications as reminders and warnings. Available in 1.11

Sections Summary
Sections summary is displayed in the course contents page. Available in 1.11

The Moodle Mobile application is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

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