Moodle + Office 365: better together with new MS Open Tech open source plugins for education workflows

Today MS Open Tech is releasing to the public a set of open source Moodle plugins that enable tight integration between Moodle, the popular open source learning management system (LMS), and Office 365’s popular productivity software and services, to create a more productive experience for teachers and students. The plugins will be demonstrated this week during theBETT Show, the world’s largest education technology conference.

As we mentioned when we announced our collaboration with Remote-Learner (a leading Moodle partner), this project is a great example of openness in action, taking advantage of Office 365’s open and well-documented REST APIs and Moodle’s open and well-documented plugin architecture.

These plugins make it easy to take advantage of Office’s suite of rich productivity tools while creating assignments and doing homework for courses managed in Moodle.


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