Chalkboard Style: an Articulate Storyline Template

From eLearning Brothers by Brother Sean

No aesthetic takes you back to your school days quite like that smooth green slate smeared with white powder: the chalkboard. Many of us have spent 12 or more years staring at one of these beauties with rapt attention as our teachers scribbled equations and vocab words, listening to the soft sounds of the chalk whispering across a stone surface, and collectively wincing every time the chalk slipped, sending shivers down our spines.

The chalkboard is a symbol of education so deeply engrained in our minds that we can’t help but switch into learning mode when we see one. That’s why “Chalkboard Style” is one of our most popularly downloaded Articulate Storyline templates.

chalkboard3 chalkboard1 chalkboard2

With three different layouts to choose from and, as always, full customizability, chalkboard style is perfect for revisiting all of the positive and exciting aspects of your grade school experience without the anxiety of cooties, inedible cafeteria fare, or mean older kids to harsh your learning mellow.

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