Student results tracker in Moodle

The other day I was working on a new Moodle module for a client. The module had to  display the all the courses and grades for a student.

I was testing this code on my iPad, when I noticed the pull-down modal screen showing all the notifications. This got me to wondering if I could build something similar for Moodle.

Turns out you can. Below are a few screenshots showing my attempt. There is a small tab at the top of the screen. When the user clicks on the tab a modal window slides down.

If the user is on the front page of the site, they will see their progress in all the courses, along with all the grades, badges etc.

itrack3However, if a user is in a particular course, they will only see the progress for that course, along with the grades etc.


The tabs allow for more information on the pull-down screen. If for example the courses used assignments, one could add an assignment tab showing the status and any comments.


The idea was really to create a centralized location for all information a student may want to glance at. It works pretty okay, but to be fair it was never tested in a production environment, so I am sure it may need refining.

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