The Social Learning Circus Infographic

The Social Learning Circus Infographic
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The Social Learning Circus Infographic points out that most organizations invest in the wrong kind of training. Most organizations invest in training, but don’t provide the kind of training that caters to how people learn. A classroom isn’t the best place to discover the practical knowledge and everyday tricks that top performers use to be more effective. New technology is making it easier to share this “tribal knowledge” with new, current, and future employees.

Quick facts:

  • Organizations spend an average of $1,798/hour on employee training.
  • 20% of learning is formal and 80% is informal, yet companies spend 80% of their training budget on formal learning and only 20% on informal learning.
  • 55% of top performers said that over half of the learning they do for their job is informal.
  • 62% of participants said they’d be motivated by leaderboards
  • 89% said a points system would increase their engagement with eLearning materials.

The The Social Learning Circus Infographic is a companion to the eBook, “Knowledge Management and Training: Why Social Learning Works.” The eBook covers the following:

  • Methods For More Effective Training.
  • How Better Knowledge Management Makes The Difference.
  • How To Find The Right Knowledge Management Tool.
  • Why Investing In Employees Matters.

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