Notable improvements and features in Moodle 3.0

From Moodlenews by Joseph Thibault

We took a look through all nearly 150 tracker items slated for Moodle 3.0 and rounded up a few of the ones we think will have the biggest impact. There aren’t many earth-shattering features or improvements in 3.0 which is not the same type of jump forward that 2.0 was. This release features all sorts of minor updates, fixes, and improvements that will simply make Moodle that much more enjoyable to use. Think more customizable options, fewer bugs, time saving features, and lots of web services to support the ever expanding Moodle Mobile. Looking back at the Moodle 3.0 roadmap mentioned by Martin a few times, it doesn’t appear that we are going to get the competency and learning plan work that was originally slated though it has been mentioned since that was more likely for 3.1 or beyond. Check out what is currently being worked on here: A code freeze is in effect next Monday in advance of the QA cycle. Below is a list of the features/improvements we thought were more notable. Don’t forget to also check out the Topic Editing Prototype which was recently announced at Quiz improvements:

Atto improvements

Loads of webservices for mobile moodle (scorm, book, completion by view, etc.)

Rubric and advanced grading improvements

Usability improvements

Is there something slated for 3.0 that we missed which you’re looking forward to? Let us know which additional ticket of the ~150 you’re most looking forward to.

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