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Office 2016 for Windows includes a host of new features that take the work out of working together. With features like real-time typing and share making it easier than ever to collaborate, you and your teammates might be nervous about making a mistake and not being able to get back to where you were. With History, you no longer have to worry! In Office 2016, you can enjoy an improved version history experience for your SharePoint and OneDrive for Business documents, making it much easier to find and restore previous versions of your files.

To see the list of previous versions of your files, open up the History pane by selecting File > History. You can easily scroll to see who edited your file and how the file evolved over time.

Each version in the History pane shows when it was created and who last edited it. Click a version to open it and take a closer look. If you decide you want to go back to an older version, simply click Restore to revert your file back to that point in time. Don’t worry, if you restore the wrong version or realize you actually liked it better before, you can always return back to how it was before you clicked Restore.

History helps you feel more confident while collaborating, because you have the comfort of knowing your and everyone else’s changes are always recoverable in a previous version, no matter how many people are working on a file. Even if you don’t want to go back to a previous version, the Office 2016 History feature enables you to see how changes have occurred over time, making it easy to get caught up on what has happened in the file.

Go ahead and collaborate with confidence! History has your back.

—Doug Milvaney, program manager for the Office Core team

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