Updates To The “Adaptable” Theme The Riverber Of Your Moodle Layout Ideas

Source: Updates To The “Adaptable” Theme The Riverber Of Your Moodle Layout Ideas | Moodle News

Updates To

The 3bits consultant and “Joomdle specialist” from Spain Fernando Acedo showcases updates to the Adaptable theme in a recent Moodle forum discussion.

Joomdle, of course, refers to the integration of CMS Joomla with LMS Moodle. The self-describing Adaptable, for its part, is the result of an ongoing process which began when Birmingham City University customized its Moodle theme and published it on the Moodle Directory for everyone to use. Acedo teamed with “Jez H”, who worked on the BCU theme, for the Adaptable customization. Mr. H still works on maintaining both themes.

Adaptable inherits from BCU block hide-show and fixed-full width toggling. It is also based on Bootstrap and completely responsive. On top of this, Acedo and H embedded customization as an applied mantra: fonts, colors, blocks and buttons are completely customizable via CSS and custom profile fields. Tickers and sliders and alerts, which are dismissible, make for a vibrant Moodle experience. Reorganizing the sites is easy with drag and drop capabilities. Find the detailed list of features here.

But their best feature yet is launched with the current release: Layout Builders. They allow administrators to define custom layouts, as canvasses for new Moodle courses.

Check out an Adaptable demo here.

Both Acedo and H are active Moodle forum dwellers, where they offer prompt assistant to your issues. Access the Adaptable thread here.

Adaptable is October’s version, compatible with Moodle 2.9, 3.0 and 3.1. Find your theme version here.

And peek under the hood on Adaptable’s Bitbucket.

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