#Moodle OER – Build students Vocabulary using the Frayer model by using this database preset @kennibc

Source: #Moodle OER – Build students Vocabulary using the Frayer model by using this database preset @kennibc – Moodle World


Chris Kenniburg – the developer of one of the most appreciated Moodle theme – Pioneer,  has shared the Open Educational Resource from their School’s Moodle site. The database preset shared on Moodle.net will help your students to create vocabulary on the basis of Frayer Model. The database preset shows the innovative use of the database activity in Moodle.

What is the Frayer Model?

According to the definition:

Frayer model is a strategy which uses graphical organizer for building student vocabulary. This technique requires students to define target vocabulary and apply their knowledge by generating examples and non-examples, giving characteristics, and/or drawing a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word. This information is placed on a chart that is divided into four sections to provide a visual representation for students.


When to use Frayer Model?

Students may use the Frayer Model to:

  • develop understanding of key concepts and vocabulary.
  • draw on prior knowledge to make connections among concepts.
  • compare attributes and examples.
  • think critically to find relationships between concepts and to develop deeper
  • understanding of word meanings
  • make visual connections and personal associations.
  • review key vocabulary before a test or quiz
  • create a “vocabulary wall” for quick reference of word meanings

What is a database preset?

To avoid the necessity of always having to create a new database from scratch, the database activity module has a presets feature. Read more about building database activity in Moodle here.

The database preset shared by Chris will create an interactive model within your Moodle. The entries posted by the students are visible to other students also. Through CSS tricks the 4 quadrants will expand when hovered over and will reveal the text that the student types in.

Chris has also created a brief introductory video which you can see below:

You can download the database preset through Moodle.net – Moodle’s own OER repository here.

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