The Shoelace Theme For Moodle Reinvented: SVG, Layouts, And More

Source: The Shoelace Theme For Moodle Reinvented: SVG, Layouts, And More | Moodle News

How many ways are there to tie your shoelaces? Can you think of a new one? Longtime Moodler Gareth J. Barnard seems to have reinvented Shoelace. Only he means the popular Moodle theme, in a recent Moodle forum thread.
He has extended compatibility of Shoelace to Moodle 3.1. The main differential is the “Layout Settings” that allow you to create a preset for arrangement of blocks. Barnard also gave Shoelace a new look, incorporating new functionality and SVG recoloring.
Barnard has made an effort to solve glaring issues, such as broken JavaScript syntax and icon display. He also added new functionality, like the SVG capabilities we mentioned. SVG include icons but encompass every graphical asset in Moodle. Navigation has also been improved, and along with it background, opacity and Grader default settings.
Download Shoelace from Moodle Directory here. The latest build conserves the authentic Shoelace motives of light feel, Bootstrap base and expanded customization of colors and fonts, among other. Child themes, or new themes based on Shoelace, will benefit from a novel architecture.
Read (and participate in) Barnard’s thread here.

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