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Source: Moodle Theme Decaf Has One Soul Alleviating Feature | Moodle News

Moodle Theme Decaf Has One Soul Alleviating Feature

There are times like today when I wonder why UX designers don’t use certain words more often. Joy. Fascination. Thrill. Awe.

Or why they so seldom embrace a focus on student pleasure purely through learning. It is true that sometimes the evidence is too heavy on the inevitability of some unpleasant feelings at the time of learning. But I remain optimistic that we can find new routes to overcome the psychological barriers to intellectual effort and shorten the time for gratification. I forecast “microrewards” and other “micro~” trends to join the mainstream UX practice in the near future.

It is perhaps optimism what gives me such positive appreciation of the Decaf Moodle Theme. At first sight, Decaf looks like another variation on patterns, colors and placement of objects. But with ongoing use, you realize how useful, bordering on satisfying, its unique feature is: the “Awesome bar”.

Not only it is the fastest possible way I know to access practically every page from anywhere in Moodle. It is highly customizable. It is also possible to edit items right from the bar itself, and even to keep it in “persistent editing” mode so you can reorder items at your souls’ content.

The latest version of the Decaf Theme is compatible with Moodle 2.6 onwards. It made great advances in responsiveness, for mobile and small screens.

Download Decaf Theme from the Moodle Directory.

Interact with the code behind Decaf in the GitHub repo.

Read more on the Decaf Theme on the Moodle Documentation (available in beta).

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