Competency based education in Moodle – a walk through with Damyon Wiese 

Source: Competency based education in Moodle – a walk through with Damyon Wiese #Moodle – Moodle World

Damyon Wiese, Development Manager Moodle HQ and the brain behind the development of the Competencies in Moodle has shared a walk through introduction to the Moodle competencies. The presentation delivered during the MoodleMoot Australia 2016 goes through the steps involved in setting up a competency based education framework and learning plan from a standard competency system.

The new feature, which was introduced in Moodle 3.1, brings a new learning management system approach to Moodle. The site administrators can add site wide competency frameworks and learning plan templates for a new level of personalized learning in Moodle. During the presentation Damyon shows a  glimpse of the possibilities and flexibility of this system by showing and explaining its use in a real context of higher education.

Competency based education – which provides the tools for the teachers to:

  • identify struggling students
  • identify high achievers
  • reflective teaching
  • course design

Similarly CBE provides the tools for students for:

  • Self assessment
  • Course selection
  • Portflio of skills

You can check out the presentation recording below:

The CBE development was carried out by the Moodle HQ team alongwith a special contribution by Université de Montréal in Moodle 3.1 There are many plugins which can assist you in setting up the competency frameworks on your Moodle site.

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