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Source: How to deliver fresh, relevant & engaging content to your students through content curation #Moodleplugins – Moodle World

Have you ever tried to show external content in your Moodle site to keep learners engaged? How relevant the content was to your learning? And how often do you need to refresh the content? The answer lies with the process of Content curation.

As per Wikipedia, Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. The plugin Content Curation by Anders Pink is the first of its kind Moodle plugin which provides the ability to curate, control and display relevant external content on any topic within your Moodle course.

Formal learning courses and programmes are vital, but they go out of date quickly. Your students can check out the latest news about the interest topics on various platforms but it takes a lot of efforts and time and it may prove distracting from the original intention.

How content curation supports learning:

There are a number of different types of content curation to support learning. For, example:

  • Industry news and developments
  • Best practice and tips
  • Specific trends or research data
  • Specific learning courses or programmes

The free version of the plugin includes the following categories: Latest news, Business news, Technology news, Copywriting tips, Team building tips, Employee engagement, Elearning, and Leadership. So, if you are teaching any of these subjects, then you can use their free service to show the latest articles from around the world in your course block.

Here is a demo video which provides an overview of how the content curation block works in Moodle:

The content will be updated after every few hours automatically and it will be displayed right in your Moodle course without any distraction. You can also decide manually about which topics to be displayed.

You can download the Moodle Plugin from the Moodle plugins directory here –

Are you also tired of regularly upgrading and adding new resources to your course? How did you display the latest content in a specific area to your learners? Do share with us in the comments section below.

PS – The plugin is a commercial plugin but has a free version for testing purpose also.

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