User report

Yesterday a client contacted me about some users. They needed to check each of the users in turn to see what they had been doing on the site. Some of these users were in cohorts while others were not. If the user was in a cohort, they also wanted to know the cohort name.
Most of what they wanted could have been done from in Moodle. Given the number of users, I decided to write a few SQL queries and pull the information straight from the database. As a coder this is not to hard, but this would not have been possible for the client. It would have been easy enough to drop the SQL into a few configurable reports. Instead decided to whip up a quick report for the client.
With this report they can search for a user. A list of all possible matches is returned. Once the user is selected, all the required information for the user is returned.
Here is a screenshot of the restult.


I got a little carried away with the report and decided to also track the users activity based on what was in the log.This allows the client to see when the user was on the site, and also see what they were doing.


I guess that’s the beauty for Moodle – if it’s not there, build it.

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