Create impressive user experience for your Moodle site using the Fordson theme 

Source: Create impressive user experience for your Moodle site using the Fordson theme #Moodlethemes – Moodle World

Before the release of Moodle 3.2 the perception of many people about Moodle is like – “Oh, It still looks like 90’s” which has changed considerably since its release. The main reason behind this positive change is the new Bootstrap 4 based Boost Theme included in Moodle 3.2

Earlier, Richard Oelmann designed a child theme – Waxed for Moodle based on the Boost theme and now, Chris Kenniburg raised the bar of expectations with the official release of another new theme for Moodle – Fordson. We have covered the Fordson theme during its initial Beta release and now the theme is officially released in the Moodle plugins directory after a detailed review by the Moodle HQ team.

Create impressive user experience for your Moodle site using the Fordson theme #Moodlethemes #moodleboost

Fordson is a brand new theme which provides stunning visuals, an enhanced homepage experience, and improved navigation. Fordson provides a clean, refined, and stylish appearance with minimal configuration out of the box . Fordson theme is designed, tested and supported by Dearborn Public Schools with feedback from classroom teachers.

Key Features:

Key features of Fordson theme are:

  • Custom full screen image for login page
  • Customized Course Activities (This Course) drop down menu next to breadcrumbs with special links for teachers: Enrollments, Manage Groups, Question Bank, and Question Categories.
  • Custom header image for main site and each course page (Lets teachers customize the top banner in their course by uploading an image to their course summary file area)
  • Enhanced homepage experience with Icon Navigation Box for visual navigation cues, Versatile Marketing Tiles, Custom Textbox for instructions, and a Course Searchbox to quickly find and enroll in courses
  • Special “Create a Course” button provides quick access to anyone that has the capability within Moodle to create courses right from the homepage
  • Color choosers for all major elements of the design
  • Social icons in footer
  • Support for uploading style presets and custom SCSS

You can download your copy of the Fordson theme from the  Moodle plugins directory here –

The best thing which I liked the most about the Fordson theme is the ability to add custom header image for main site as well as the course pages. Another innovative feature is the Icon Navigation which allows the learners to quickly get into the areas of your site.

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