Draw Animal Inspiration From United For Wildlife Free Moodle Education

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Draw Animal Inspiration From United For Wildlife Free Moodle Education
The massive collaboration effort in bringing awareness in wildlife and conservation, United for Wildlife, has found in Moodle an ideal platform to provide a rich user interface to inform and educate the public.
At the moment, United’s Moodle includes two courses: Introducing Conservation and Insights. The courses are equals part explanation of the practice, and evangelization about why we need to respect and conserve wildlife. It requires no previous knowledge.
After signing up, the first page you see after login is your own dashboard. It features progress circles by course section for the two courses. To complete each lesson you must follow all the module’s content and pass the quiz at the end.
United For Wildlife 01 Course Progress
You don’t did not have to sign up to see the starting, empty circles.
Immediately below, 16 animal badges are available. You collect them as you spot each creature throughout the course contents. Like any other Moodle Badges, the are compatible with the Mozilla Open Badges standard.
United For Wildlife 02 Animal Badges
Beginning each module shows a completion circle, and the animal badges you’ve collected thus far.
United For Wildlife 03 Lesson Completion and Badges
The courses are self-paced with unlimited re-taking for quizzes. To complete Introducing Conservation takes an estimated 8 hours.
United for Wildlife offer does not stop there. Joining their Moodle site is also joining an online community of wildlife enthusiasts and protection advocates.
As a whole, it is a mesmerizing experience that benefits from an inspiring subject matter, and capitalizes to infuse “wildness” through high-definition imagery and video. Messaging and email notifications attempt to keep you engaged. Translations in Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin are available along for the safari.
United for Wildlife is supported by Conservation International, Fauna & Flora International, The Nature Conservancy, WWF, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Zoological Society of London. The Moodle site is the work of dozens of developers, designers and instructional designers from these organizations. Which means that unfortunately, it does not seem like you can buy this theme for your Moodle site.

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