5 Steps For Rookie Moodle Mobile Admins

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5 Steps For Rookie Moodle Mobile Admins

It is no secret that the future of learning lives in mobile. From leisure to work-related applied training, mobile learning has reached the EdTech mainstream. Moodle HQ has kept pace. The Moodle Mobile apps leaped into relevance with it’s latest release matching the original Moodle version 3.2.

But an important element has been missing in the eyes of users and developers: documentation. Advanced admins and developers, including the Moodle HQ team, can easily use the latest features. Those new to Moodle Mobile, however, don’t always enjoy the same fortune.

Which is why a new wave of documentation, targeted to a more general audience, is a breath of fresh air. This 5-step plan will help any admin learn Moodle Mobile for their site. (Needless to say, this does require some beginning experience as a Moodle admin.)

  1. Enable Moodle Mobile services from the site administration panel.
  2. Customize the app by following the Moodle Mobile Themes documentation.
  3. Set up Moodle Mobile Additional Features (required in old Moodle sites).
  4. Set up Mobile notifications.
  5. Set up “Smart app banners” (for iOS devices only).
  6. Bonus! Enable Moodle management from Moodle Mobile.

It is important to highlight the fact that Moodle documentation is also a community effort. There is as much value in making difficult concepts approachable as in technical expertise.

Be sure to check out the “Moodle Mobile FAQ” at docs.moodle.org.

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