Moodlerooms Launches App Branding Service

Source: Moodlerooms Launches App Branding Service | Moodle News

Moodlerooms, the Blackboard-flavored version of Moodle, is launching its very own App Branding Service. Comparable to Moodle’s Branded Mobile Apps, the new service transcends the desktop LMS experience and brings it into the mobile arena. A new video describes the opportunities, challenges, and ways Moodlerooms customers can get started.

With the mobile device as an extension of the LMS, technology to serve learning enjoys a larger landscape where it can join students (and teachers) through their day. Among other things, the Moodlerooms app allows:

  • On-the-go LMS access
  • Real-time notifications and interaction
  • Media capture for activities, including assignments
  • Social media integration

Delivering a quality experience, however, must take into account the drawbacks of mobile compared to desktop. While touchscreens provide more intuitive forms of interaction, the lack of keyboard and mouse, for example, demands extra attention when creating interfaces that are simple to navigate and interact with. Another set of considerations are physical, as components such as memory and battery must be considered in the experience. Lastly, connectivity deserves thought, as making an app work offline could be worthwhile, but it can affect the app’s complexity, size, and memory requirements.

With the Moodlerooms App Branding Service, the LMS provides its expertise to make the right decisions at the time of designing a complementary mobile learning experience. It customizes apps to extend the customer’s branding and it has the ability to extend its functionality.

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