How to learn Moodle development? Check out the Moodle 3.x Developer's Guide by Ian Wild

Source: How to learn Moodle development? Check out the Moodle 3.x Developer’s Guide by Ian Wild – Moodle World

Prime reason behind Moodle’s success as the most popular LMS is its Modular architecture. The modular nature provides not only the complete source code of Moodle to developers but allows the inclusion of third-party plugins. Moodle allows the developers to enhance and adapt the core functionalities through the use of Moodle plugins.

To extend the Moodle functionality you need to be well versed with Moodle development process. Learning Moodle development without having proper resources may take a longer time than if you have the access to the best resources out there.

Today, I am going to share the recently released Moodle book written by Ian Wild, on “Moodle 3.x Developer’s Guide“. The book provides the complete guidance to customize your Moodle apps by creating custom plugins, extensions, and modules.

The book has real world examples and offers  a detailed understanding of how plugins should interact with Moodle’s internal Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The book is among one of the best resource for Moodle developers who are familiar with basic moodle functionality. You need to have medium level PHP programming knowledge and understanding of HTML and XML protocols.

Moodle 3.X Developer’s Guide book covers all the major Moodle plugin types. The book is organized in 9 chapters for different type of plugins:

  • Getting to Grips with the Moodle 3 Architecture
  • Moodle plugins – What Can I Plug In?
  • Internal Interfaces
  • Course Management
  • Creative Teaching – Developing Custom Resources and Activities
  • Managing Users – Letting in the Crowds
  • Creating a Dashboard – Developing a Learner Homepage
  • Creating a New Skin
  • Moodle Analytics

The book explains how the Moodle 3.x platform provides a framework that allows developers to create a customized e-learning solution. It begins with an exploration of the different types of plugin. You can buy your copy of the book directly by clicking the image below or directly through this link.

About the Author

Ian Wild is an experienced software developer, solutions architect, author, and educator with over 20 years’ experience in the field of software design and implementation. Ian is also, author of Moodle Course Conversion: Beginner’s Guide and Moodle Math. He was also technical reviewer of Science Teaching with Moodle, Moodle Multimedia and Practical XMPP.

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