How to create Moodle themes – Check out MoodleBites theme design tutorials

Source: How to create Moodle themes – Check out MoodleBites theme design tutorials #Moodlethemes – Moodle World

Moodle themes are the special Moodle plugins which gives you the ability to easily customize, design and brand Moodle in compliance with modern web standards. Moodle theme designers have contributed many popular and highly customizable Moodle themes like Essential, Fordson, Pioneer, BCU, Snap etc.

Creating brand new Moodle themes needs a lot of background information and a good overview of Moodle architecture and its working. Moodle 3.2 onwards, Moodle has a brand new themes based on Bootstrap 4 framework i.e. Boost. And, there are some good tutorials for creating a child theme based on Boost theme.

HRDNZ – Moodle Partner from New Zealand offers a special training program on Moodle theme designing. The 3 weeks course will give you a gentle introduction to Moodle Theme development. The course is facilitated by Gareth Barnard – popularly known for his outstanding contribution through Essential, Campus, Shoehorn, Shoelace, Collapsed Topics course format and many others.

HRDNZ have released few video from the course to give you a glimpse of what all is included in the course:

MoodleBites Moodle Themes designing:

The videos contain the basic Moodle theme designing with following topics:

If you would like enroll yourself in the course offered by HRDNZ, then don’t forgot to use the referral code – “INJS17” while registering. The course is offered from every year 1st March and July.

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