Oops I did it again! How to restore deleted activities within Moodle courses

Source: Oops I did it again! How to restore deleted activities within Moodle courses

Relax, no red PVC all-in-one required for this Moodle tip.

Not so long ago if you clicked the delete icon for an activity in your course you’d see a message asking if you were sure about the deletion and on “Yes” it would be gone. Forever*.

Good news then that with Moodle 3.1 (the current Long Term Support version) and higher, click happy Moodlers can gain near instant relief from a rash deletion.

Recycle bin to the rescue

Yup, if you’ve configured the Recycle bin feature on your Moodle site it’s possible to recover accidentally deleted course activities (and resources).

The steps to sanity


Check Recycle bin is enabled at Site Administration > Plugins > Admin Tools > Recycle bin (it may not be on by default if you’ve upgraded from an earlier version).

To recover a deleted course activity within a course:

  • 1: In the Administration block under Course administration click – Recycle bin.
  • 2 and above hipsters: Click the course settings cog icon and click – Recycle bin.

Tip: By default, Recycle bin is only present if something has been deleted.

You’ll see any activities or resources that have been deleted in the course – by default these remain in the Recycle bin for 7 days.

Click the ‘Restore’ button next to the item in the Recycle bin to restore the it to the course.

That’s it!

Bonus tip: Recycle bin works with courses too. Just go to the deleted course’s category to restore it.

*Unless you could restore this from a server backup






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