Most popular K-12 Moodle theme – Fordson introduces jaw-dropping new features and improvements

Source: Most popular K-12 Moodle theme – Fordson introduces jaw-dropping new features and improvements #moodlethemes – Moodle World

Are you looking for a free Moodle theme for your K-12 Moodle learning environment? Have you heard about the Fordson Moodle theme? Fordson is a child theme based on Boost and caters to K-12 segment. It is developed by Chris Kenniburg in closeness with real K-12 teachers at Dearborn schools.

Since its initial release around six months ago, Fordson has gained huge praise and accolades from Moodle community. Chris is also updating the theme with new features and improvements at regular intervals. Recently, Chris showed a sneak preview of another helpful feature coming soon in the theme.

The new feature will include the ability to control the menu items that seem for teachers when they go to add activities or resources.  It will be rolled out in Fordson Version 1.5.6 which will be released very soon. This new feature can run in two ways:

  • To highlight a few most used activities to put them at the top of the list while still displaying all available activities and resources below.
  • To only show selected activities while hiding everything not included.

Chris has also created a demo video to show the working of new feature in Fordson theme. Check it out below:

Another practical feature introduced in Fordson version 1.5.5 is the expanded options for the course gallery. This features provides the ability to Pick from 3 different styles to display courses on the frontpage as well as course category and search pages. Each style has unique look and feel.

Innovative Features of Fordson theme:

Overall, Fordson offers you a variety of new features and options which makes it different from other free Moodle themes. The innovative features includes:

  • Easy enrollment plugin
  • Course management panel for easy access to configuration pages
  • Customizable Nav drawer
  • This Course drop down to display grouped activities as well as grades, radial progress bar, teacher contacts, and course summary information
  • A clean, refined, and stylish appearance with minimal configuration, built for all screen sizes.

You can download the latest version of Fordson theme for Moodle from here. It is compatible with Moodle 3.2 version onwards.

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