How to test your Moodle site performance?

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Moodle site administrators always strife to improve the Moodle site  performance to deliver a better user experience. As a Moodle administrator, you need to continuously monitor the hardware as well  as software performance. But, can you check the Moodle performance through a GUI within Moodle.

The answer is Benchmark Plugin for Moodle.

Mickaël PANNEQUIN from France, updated the plugin for Moodle 3.3 compatibility. The “Benchmark” can be used  to do various tests to find the quality of the Moodle platform. The lower the score is the better performance of your Moodle.

Test Groups:

You can download the benchmark plugin from Moodle Plugins directory here.  The plugin check out your Moodle platform for following 5 test groups:

  • Server speed
  • Processor speed
  • Harddrive speed
  • Database speed
  • Loading page speed

For these test groups, Benchmark plugin carries 10 tests as following:

  • Moodle loading time
  • Function called many times
  • Reading files
  • Creating files
  • Reading course
  • Writing course
  • Complex request (n°1)
  • Complex request (n°2)
  • Time to connect with the guest account
  • Time to connect with a fake user account


To install the plugin, you need to extract the zip file content in Your-Moodle-Site/report directory.  To test out the performance of the Moodle, go to  “Site Administration > Reports > Benchmark”.

The benchmark plugin is a good reference to check some parts in Moodle and out of Moodle on your server hardware. The plugin is highly appreciated and praised by the Moodle community members.

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