Schedule A Glimpse Of The Ongoing Moodle 3.4 Calendar Prototype

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Schedule A Glimpse Of The Ongoing Moodle 3.4 Calendar Prototype | Agenda Una Ojeada al Prototipo de Calendario en Moodle 3.4
Current starting look of the Calendar. | Vista inicial del prototipo de Calendario.

A few weeks before showtime for version 3.4, the Moodle Calendar is completing its beauty retreat, which is not to say you can’t keep track of how the rejuvenation and refactoring are coming along.

While long-awaited, it was only after Moodle Users Association member Stephen Bourget successfully carried the project to the finish line in MUA’s second Project Development Cycle (June to December) of 2016, when the legacy interface received some attention.

In June, development of Calendar improvements officially started at Moodle HQ. Given the age of the original code, under-the-hood refactoring joined the many visual enhancements. To refactor the calendar, developers basically rewrote its components from the ground up to take advantage of the newer Moodle development features and improve the general readability of the code.

As it looks today on the Moodle Prototype site, a Calendar page is beginning to behave like modern calendar apps. AJAX-based response to user actions updates fields without having to reload the whole page. Clicking day tiles on the month view opens a “New event” pop up menu, for which there’s also a dedicated button. Subscription to calendars via URL or ICS file is possible, as is color coding and toggle visibility of individual calendars. A Calendar export menu provides several options to synchronize a Moodle course calendar with clients such as Google or Outlook and includes a link to the documentation explaining how to set it up (although it does not feel quite complete yet).

On the user dashboard, a compact month view is enabled on a right-side menu. Hovering over colored dates reveal event information.

Work in the coming weeks before the launch, scheduled for Monday, November 13th, will reportedly focus on completing and refining event drag-and-drop abilities, media embedding in event description, bulk event actions, and month navigation from the page’s top-level breadcrumbs.

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