Moodle Moot Australia 2018 Videos

The below list of videos are recording from the recent Moodle Moot held in Brisbane

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If “Average is over!” What does it mean to be future-ready? | Erica McWilliam – QUT

This keynote will explore how quality learning routines depend on accessibility and seamlessness, and how we should “look over the horizon at the digital environment and consider how platforms such as Moodle can create an environment that will result in strong learning outcomes”.
Erica McWilliam

Moodle Secret Sauce: 5 key ingredients | Chad Outten – My Learning Space

Moodle Secret Sauce: 5 key ingredients 5 key ingredients to help improve your Moodle site: better online learning, job performance and business outcomes. Which 5 ingredients are in the Secret Sauce recipe? You’ll have to come along to find out.
Chad Outten
My Learning Space

Data Privacy & GDPR | Jake Dallimore – Moodle HQ

Data Privacy and the GDPR Overview on how to make your Moodle site GDPR-compliant.
Jake Dallimore
Moodle HQ

One course – Multiple Languages | Mik O’Leary – Provet/AIRC

Digital experiences of DWU students with Moodle | Kimberley Kobal

Customising e-learning with development of new plugins |Lukas Celinak

Customising e-learning with development of new plugins for government institution
Lukáš Čelinák
Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic

A simple 360° feedback activity module | Jun Pataleta – Moodle HQ

Improved question bank tags | Shamim Rezaie – Moodle HQ

Effectively using the custom certificate plugin | Mark Nelson – Moodle HQ

Utilising the Workshop Activity | Glenn Kelly and Julie Day

Utilising the Workshop Activity – Assignments with peer assessment
Glenn Kelly & Julie Day
Victorian TAFE Association

Future Ways of Learning | Jinnine Ridge – Revenue NSW

Moodle Mobile App Present & Future | Adrian Greeve – Moodle HQ–kCzdE&index=12&list=PLxcO_MFWQBDcAGEGbsd1nZWIMeZ4cAwKx

Creative Practice Education Online | David Balfour & Julie Avenell

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