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About a month ago I posted a YouTube clip in which we demonstrated version 2 of the iRecognition plugin that we are currently working on. I am including the video below for those who have not yet seen it.

In the video above, Ryan does a really good job of showing the new features of this release. He very briefly also touches on some reporting functions available in this release.

In this post, I would like to show a bit more of the reporting functionality being added to the plugin, as well as show some changes to the configuration settings for a Quiz.

A standard report is available in each course showing the photos taken for each user during the Quiz. The drop-down selector allows you to switch between quizzes if there are more than one.

Two more reports are available showing all photos for a particular user and the latest photo for each user. The two reports can be access from the admin console, or by anyone with the necessary permissions.

To view all the photos for a single user:
1. Click on the Photo button in the Security column

2. Select the user and click on the button in the Screenshots column.

3. All the photos for the selected user will be displayed.

You can also view a single photo per user taken every 60 seconds during the Quiz.

As mentioned earlier, we have also made improvements to the plugin settings.
The settings for each Quiz have been added under the Extra restrictions on attempts section in the Quiz. These settings override the default settings available from the main settings page for the plugin.

Talking of settings, did I mention iRecognition is now also fully functional in the Safe Exam Browser.

As a bonus for those who have kept reading this post, I would like to mention a nice new addition that has been added – namely the ability to calculate costs when using the plugin in full face recognition mode. The plugin can be used in two modes. The first being where the users photos are taken and saved to a location in moodledata and the second where each face is run through facial recognition.

Running the photos through facial recognition is an opt-in option when using the plugin as it does come with a cost. The nifty little addition to the plugin is the ability to calculate what your potential spend will be when running the plugin in full facial recognition mode. This is a per Quiz setting, meaning you can run some exams in the standard mode with just photos being taken, and for exams, you can run the Quiz in full face recognition mode.

The cost estimator allows you to enter the number of users, the interval between photos and the maximum duration of the Quiz. With these values and the cost per recognition, the total spend can be calculated for running the Quiz using full facial recognition.

As more of our clients look to use BigBlueButton for Virtual Classroom training, it’s only natural that they will also look to an online proctoring system for their exams.

At iLite we are looking to close the loop for clients by offering an inclusive solution – Moodle, BigBlueButton and exam proctoring solution that are all seamlessly tied together.

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