F1 2008

We have had another exciting week. Our F1-2008 application went live yesterday. This is the fourth version of this application. The application is a Flash Lite application that runs on a Symbian OS. We built the application for two different screen sizes, 176 x 208 and 240 x 320. An example of the 176 x 208 is the N70 and the 240 x 320 is the N95. Follow the link below to get the application.

F1 2008 at Handango

F1 2008 Main screenF1 2008 TeamF1 2008 DriversF1 2008 Track

In addition to the mobile phone application we have launched a website that mirrors the F1-2008. This site is built in Flex and has some really cool features like being able to view the tracks using Google Earth as well as the F1 Team Factories. Click on the link below to view the site.
iLite F1-2008

– Kirsten

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