Flash Lite 3 Bug

Yesterday we sold four mobile applications to users around the world (Denmark, Mexico, UK and Germany). that was the good part. The bad part was that these were the first users to buy our software with Flash Lite 3 pre-installed on their phones.

So now you would think that because our software is built for Flash Lite 1.1 you would think that Flash Lite 3 would play it. Right, that is what we thought too. But of course…. this is not the case. Flash Lite 3 has new security issues that decided to cause us a major headache.

The problem was this, our software requires network access for authentication Flash Lite 3 prevented the software from creating the connection. Without the connection the user can’t authenticate. If they can’t authenticate they can’t get access to the content in the application.

Long story short there are two possible solutions to the problem

  1. Have the user create a Trusted folder in C:\Data\Others, and then load the application into this folder. This will play any Flash Lite 1.1 content.
  2. Recompile the Flash Lite 1 application and change the Local playback security when publishing to Access network only. By default it is set to Access local files only.

For good measure we added in a crossdomain.xml file

So there you have it. If you have been plagued by this bug and still not sure how to solve this issue, please feel free to contact me.


0 thoughts on “Flash Lite 3 Bug

  1. Thanks for your nice information.
    But I still have a similar problem below.

    I tried open a swf file, which requires using network connection with the FlashLite3.0 on my NOKIA N82 firm v20.0.062.
    However the flash application is closed without any notification immediately when I choose an accesspoint.
    I’ve tried to create ‘Trusted’ directory under C:DATAOthers, but it’s still same…

    It will be great help, if you have any other solution for this case.

    • What you can try doing is deleting the application off you phone and then reinstalling it again to the flash player folder on your phone. Sometimes it looks for the application in the wrong places.

      Phone memory (C:)NokiaOthers
      Then select the .swf file to access the application.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Hi,
    I created my flashlite and it ran on Adobe Device Central as well. But when I put .swf to my phone(N95), it cannot access xml file on server. Do you have any idea?

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