Update on iLite

Can you believe another week has come to an end. It seems as if this year is flying past. The good thing about it is that we are busy and have lots of projects keeping us on the go.

It seems as if putting a blog together for iLite has been a success. We are starting to get a couple of visitors who seem to be interested in our little endeavored.

We have several little projects that are keeping us busy as well as our everyday routines that have to be maintained. Currently we are developing a new site for our F1-2008 mobile application. Yes, its really exciting, we have got the f1mobile.co.za domain and are working on a kick ass site that will demonstrate the F1 mobile applications that we build.

Our developers are in the building stages of a Flash Game for the mobile phone, and are in the planning stages of a 3D Flash Game as well as getting a couple of new releases of some mobile applications.

So we are having a busy couple of weeks, so this long weekend coming up is going to be put to good use. We get to knuckle down and get some work done.

The only headache that we have had recently is our Vodafone modem deciding to give us problems. One minute it is working and the next minute its down. It took us two days to get a new modem out of Vodacom, but lets just say, I am glad to be back on line.

Of course, Murphy’s Law, when you are down, you need to be online and working. So yesterday was very frustrating for me. I wasn’t on line and I needed to be. So on the hour I check my mail by connecting to the internet using my cellphone… not the most economical means of doing business. But when you have to work and keep your clients happy, you have to make a plan. But we have our little white monster back, and its working fantastically at the moment. So hold thumbs that it doesn’t decide to take a vacation anytime soon.


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