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I thought today that I would mention another application that has been in development recently. It’s our Movie Mania Application. This application is directed at those movie buffs out there. We have over 4000 movies in the database at the moment with new releases being added to it continuously.

This application started with an idea and has grown into a second version application that has had a name change and additional features added to it. When we released the movie guide a year ago we had a few movies in the database, with new and old releases being added to it continuously. I think we reached the 1000 movie mark and decided to release it.

We couldn’t get a sale for love or money. We had no idea what the problem with the application was. I knew that I had put a lot of hard work and time into it and it had to sell. We called the application Mobile Movie Guide, I know not very catchy at all. We realized that we had put years of work into the application and there had to be something in it that would catch someones attention. All who had seen or heard about the application loved the idea, but why wasn’t it selling.

One night I woke up at 2 in the morning with the answer. Movie Mania…. Change the name. And that was it. We started to see an influx of downloads and interest in the application and the 2 years of work that I had put into it had not gone to waste.

That was an important lesson for us. A name can make or break an application and you have to give it a good one, so that people seem curious enough to investigate what it is you are trying to sell.

We have done the latest upload and have hit the 4000 mark with.

Movie Mania is not a movie guide, it is an application that allows you to search for any movie that you would like to know about. You can search by actor, movie title and director. When the results are returned you select the movie that you want to know about out of a list of possibilities. When you click the appropriate title, you are given a review, a plot summary, age restriction, director and several actors who played in the movie. If you press the right arrow on your handset, the movie poster is loaded.

Additional features include news, latest gossip, celebrity birthdays and the top 10 at the box office.

– Kirsten

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