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Anyone who has ever used Moodle knows that it does many things well, but that it could do some things better. One of the things it could do better is reporting.

Currently running the reports in Moodle has proven to be a real pain. We have several groups and many users in each group. To get around the problem of generating a report for all the users and their grades, we built a ‘Dashboard’ using Flex 3 and PHP.

Basically the Dashboard provides an easy way to view and manage all the Users, Courses and Grades currently in Moodle. It allows you to select a Group, and then view all the Users in that Group, with all their courses and the Grades for each Course. Our Courses are built in Authorware and have a single Grade. The results of the query are displayed in a Datagrid, and you have the option of either printing the grid or exporting it to Excel. The latter proving to be the more popular choice.

We hope in the weeks to come to include more functionality in the Dashboard that will allow you to create Users and also assign users to Groups and Courses. Who knows, maybe this could be the start of a Flex based LMS…. We’ll see

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  1. Hi! Great Articles on Moodle and Flex etc… Your comments about a Flex LMS is interesting… I think that a Flex/AIR app on the client with a “my classes” focus would be good. on the back end would u create a new LMS in Flash or use Moodle?

    The idea of the client sync quiz data back to Moodle using Flash is great!!! here is a link with another project doing something that might be of interest…

    let me know what you think…


    • Hi Mel

      Thanks for your feedback. Since that post was written, more than a year ago, the Dashboard has moved along quite nicely. We are at the moment working on localizing it, as well as creating an AIR version.

      The reason for the Dasboards being, was to make day-to-day administration easier. We only have about 2500 Users on our one site. We would get a request like, tell me which courses Joe Bloggs has done, and all the grades, or how many attempts did Joe Bloggs make at passing, and what were his grades for each attempt.
      If you went to Moodle, that would be quite a few clicks to get the data.

      Once we had that working, I looked at other possibilities. One would certainly be an AIR client for the User, that writes some data to an SQLite db on their PC. Once a connection is available, it will sync with Moodle.

      As for the questions regarding using Moodle. There was a lot in Moodle 1.9, that I did not want, or need, so I looked at earlier versions. Just wanting for the basics really. In the ended I decided to stay with Moodle and it’s latest version. It’s as good, if not better than most LMS’s and very popular. It just needs a little Flash, or Flex, or AIR.


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