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So last week someone used my butt as a chew toy, because of Moodles pathetic SCORM activity.

Here’s what happened.
Early last week I created a SCORM activity for some Authorware content (why the hell aren’t you using Flash!!) that a content provider sent to me.
Some users logged in and used the content and their scores were logged in the database. That’s all good, and the users were happy because they had completed the course.
Then an update of the SCORM activity was sent to me, so I deleted the current activity and linked the new one.

Now what do you suppose happened to the scores of the users that had already completed the SCORM activity. If, like me you thought the scores are still in the database, then go stand in the corner, because you are wrong. When you delete the Activity, it also deletes the scores in the database. What the HELL for. If you ‘delete’ a user this does not happern. it only sets the deleted value to 1.

So here is my Top Tip for the week. If you are going to update you score activity, don’t delete it. Hide it and create a new one.

Moodle has release an update, so head on over to Moodle and download it. Test it, and let me know.


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  1. I am trying to find out how to read and write to Moodle from my Authorware piece.
    Can you give me some help here?
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    • Hi

      I wish I could help, but sadly I cannot. The Authorware content is provided to us by a 3rd party supplier, which we then take and upload.

      We are at present running a standard Moodle 1.8.4 installation with that version of the SCORM activity. I believe the content provider uses standard SCORM tracking when packing the content, and does not tweak it specifically for Moodle.

      Hope that helps


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