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Writing a blog sometimes suffers at the expense of the work that needs doing. I spent most of last week tapping out some PHP code for a mobile version of Moodle.
Now no, that does not mean Moodle is completely recoded for a Mobile device. It simply means that I can do a Moodle course on my Mobile. My test device of choice is the Nokia N95 8GB by the way.

Lets look at this post in two parts:
I created a category in Moodle, called Mobile. I then built a short course in Moodle, putting all the content into the topic section on the front page of the lesson. Remember that a mobile device has a small screen (no shit sherlock, you think to yourself), and everything you add to the course has got to earn the right to be there. Remind yourself of this when you add an image, write text or plan the layout.

Cool, so now we have a course in Moodle, and you have enrolled for it. And you can change it’s content, and you can do all the other Moodle stuff to it. Now lets look at the Mobile side.

I access Moodle via the new bit of code that I wrote, and log in using my Moodle username and password. A page is then displayed allowing me to view my Mobile courses, Forum posts, and site news. Selecting the ‘course’ icon will display all the mobile courses that I have enrolled for. Select a course and off you go.

The easiest way to really understand this is to go and play with it.
Username: mary
Password: password

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    • Hi

      At the moment it’s just something I am working on in my spare time. Maybe in a month or two it will be more complete and then I would be happy to share it. I am using Moodle 1.9 on my development server, so the Mobile version will be form that version of Moodle. I am building it in such a way that any phone with a screen of 240×320 can use it, and that no changes or plug-ins for Moodle are required.

      Thanks for the inquiry.


  1. We are just starting a new project and are exploring mobile options (particularly with the iPhone). I was wondering if anyone had created code for moodle that would detect the browser and give the end user a condensed version of the course. Your example looks very close to this. How fare along are you to being able to share your code with the community?

  2. I’m writing the Mobile Trends Report for the Software & Information Industry Association’s education devision, and would like to mention iLite’s Moodle on a Mobile. What’s the status of the project?
    Any plans to open-source it, or commercialize it?

    • Hi Richard.

      I would appreciate it if you would mention us. We do plan to open-source Moodle for Mobile, but sadly it’s still a beta version. Based on the log, it does get a fair bit of activity, so the need is certainly there.



    • Hi John,

      Unfortunately this code has not progressed due to us working on the iLite Dashboard. With Flash soon available on the iPhone, I can assure you that we will be continuing the development as soon as we are able to.


    • Hi Anthony

      When you use Mobile Moodle, I write tracking data to the Moodle log file. This can be viewed in the Moodle log, or via our Dashboard application. Making this information available again on the Mobile client would be pretty easy. I’ll write a new component to display the content in the Mobile client. Check back in a day or two to see what it looks like.


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