Course Prerequisites

We have just recently identified the need to create a number of courses that have other courses as prerequisites.

So for example you need to do Courses A, B and C, but you must do them in that order. If a User tries to do Course B before having done Course A, the User is notified that Course A is a prerequisite, and is then given a link to go and do Course A.

I checked Moodle, but did not find such a solution. If anyone knows of such a solution, please let me know.

I have a possible solution, and will be posting the code here in a few days time.


0 thoughts on “Course Prerequisites

  1. Sean,
    Have you completed this module. If Yes, Can you please let us know will it be open-sourced so that we can also utilize it.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi

      I have the code working on my Moodle dev site. Give me a few days to clean it up, and document it. Once that’s done, I’ll make it available and you are most welcome to use it.


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