iLite Mobile Learning for the iPhone

It is exciting times here at iLite. We have just finish developing the interface for the iPhone. What happens here is that this interface extracts your data from Moodle and allows you to view it on your iPhone.

Visit to have a look at this component. Please play around and send any feedback or comments that you may have to me at

Username:  ian

Password:  password

– Kirsten

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0 thoughts on “iLite Mobile Learning for the iPhone

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately we will only be making the Mobile solution available to clients who host with us. We may in time look at making the source code available, but nothing is planned at this stage.
      Just on a side note, generic Mobile solution ( has more functionality than the solution built for the iPhone.

      Thanks for your interest.
      – Kirsten

  1. We have finished development of the first and the only native IPhone app for moodle, MoodleTouch(mTouch)
    mTouch will be available on the AppStore on the third week of April, 2010.

    mTouch requires no server side tweaking or installation.
    Please visit our web site for the details.

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