Download a trial version of the iLite Moodle Dashboard

Visit iLite to download the 7 day trial version of the iLite Moodle Dashboard.

There are some funky new additions to the Dashboard which include the multi-lingual support, improved User search functionality and the Course Relationship Map.

The Course Relationship Map is something completely unique to the Dashboard. As you can see in the image below, we can see that the Course – iLite Dashboard, has 8 Users. We can also see that 5 of the 8 Users have a small (+) sign below them. This indicates that they are enrolled in other Courses. By clicking on the (+) sign, we expand a 3rd level, which shows the Courses that this User has enrolled for. Hover over the icon to view the Course name.

You may be wondering what is the purpose of the Relationship map, well it is to help you see what Courses the Users are doing at a glance. If a Course has prerequisites, you can view if they have been met simply by calling up the Relationship map.

– Kirsten



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  1. Hi Kirsten… very interested in where you are going with this as we are looking to build a similar app… or partner. Is there an update or other info on the dashboard?

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