Where are your Users

User Location Map

User Location Map

The User Location Map plots the location of your Users on a Google Earth map. The plot point is added dynamically when the map loads and the data is pulled from the database.

You may look at this and think it serves no purpose, and you would be correct. Sometimes as a developer it’s nice to look at something, and ask yourself, “I wonder if I could…”

..and then a few hours later you are pulling the locations from the mdl_user table and plotting them. I love visualizing the data. I know that the City is stored in the database and displayed as a word in a column – that’s boring, dead. Plot it on a map, see where it is, zoom in on it – now we have living data.

That is really the Dashboards core reason for existing. It exists so that you can interact more visually with your data. Like the relationship map, that allows you to view the Users that have done a Course, and then the Courses they have done, etc.


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