Making a List item scroll

Have you ever wanted your List items to automatically scroll…. well I have. I am building a Flex application that shows the latest 10 items in a list container.

I would like to cycle through the list once every 5 seconds, taking the last item and displaying it at the top. I am using AMFPHP to retrieve the content from a MySQL database.


So this is what I did

private function load():void
gateway = new RemotingConnection(serverName);“mydetails”, new Responder(onResult, onFault));
private function onResult(result:Array):void
ac = new ArrayCollection()
for each(item in result){
var o:TicketVO = new TicketVO();
o.ticketId = item[“ticketid”];
o.summary = item[“summary”];
lRenderer.dataProvider = ac;                                                              // lRenderer is the name of my List container
timer = new Timer(5000, 0);
timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, updateList, false, 0, true);
private function updateList(event:TimerEvent):void
var len:Number = ac.length;
var i:Object = new Object();
i = lRenderer.dataProvider.getItemAt(len-1, 1);                   // Get the last item in the list
lRenderer.dataProvider.removeItemAt(len-1);                    // Remove the item from the list
lRenderer.dataProvider.addItemAt(i,0);                                 // Add it to the top of the list

The above is just a snapshot of the code I used.


Hope that helps some.

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    • Hi Priya

      Sorry for the late response. Yes this is very possible in Moodle 2. Infact I have a production version running in Moodle 2.2.5. It did require some changes but nothing serious;

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