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The previous post featured the landing page of the Dashboard. This post looks at the Course Details page and some of the elements on the page. I may have mentioned this before, but I guess it’s worth repeating. The purpose of the Dashboard is not to replace the current reports available in Moodle or Totara, but rather to provide additional information in a more visual way. The Dashboard is being build in such a way that it only needs to be dropped into the root of your Moodle or Totara installation and it will work. No installation or customization required. Though I am building it in such a way that a coder may well be able to do just that

As can be seen from the images below – I am leaning rather heavily towards graphs and gauges to make the information a little more colourful.


Course Completion


The Course Completion pie chart shows a ratio all all users who have enrolled for the course vs those that have completed the course.

I guess a nice add-on here would be a reminder button. Clicking te button would fire off a reminder to all those that have not completed the course.





The gauges give a quick heads-up view in a little more detail as to what’s happening in the course. Twelve percent have started the course, while 88 percent have not.


Completion State

The complete course details page as it appears in the Dashboard is displayed below. I am looking to add in additional information but more of that a bit later.


Course Details page

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