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Yesterday I ran into a problem with the custom menu on my Moodle 2.6 site not working. Try as I may, I could not get the dropdown menu to appear when hovering over the parent.

I was using Clean as my base theme, which extends Bootstrapbase for additional functionality, including the top navigation.

Top menu

Top menu

I started off by looking at the CSS and trying to patch this in a custom style sheet.

CSS code for the menu

CSS code for the menu

This proved unsuccessful, so I opened up bootstrapbase->style->moodle.css and looked for dropdown-menu code. In the code I found display: none (as you would expect).

So long story short, I commented out this line and added in a few more lines at the bottom of the page.

.dropdown:hover ul { opacity: 1; }
.dropdown ul { opacity: 0; }

This did the trick for me and may help you.

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