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I have been tinkering on a small enhancement to the quiz module in Moodle. One where you require the user to have their photo taken before they can start the quiz. The thought behind this being that you would want proof that the person who did the quiz, is the same person who enrolled for the course. I guess this would be relevant where certification is concerned.

What I build was a proof of concept to see if it would be possible.  You will notice in the screen recording that the ‘Continue the last attempt’ button is not available until the student has enabled their webcam. Once their webcam is enable, the button appears and they can start/continue the quiz.

The webcam takes a photo and saves it to a designated directory on the server.

On a difficulty scale this is not as hard as migrating a big Moodle site, but a little harder than building your own block.


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  1. That’s really cool Sean. Is there anyway to a have one or more photos taken randomly through the quiz process? This would lend significantly more security that the person taking the quiz is the person who is supposed to.

    • Yes. that was the initial plan. Suppose you have a 10 question quiz. The first photo would be taken at the start, the second somewhere between 4 and 7 and the last when you submit.

      Initially I built this as a proof of concept to test students learning sign language. The students are given a letter, say A and then they need to sign the letter. A photo is taken to see if they have made the correct sign.

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  3. You need to check out they have already done what you are attempting. There solution requires a “registration” exercise initializing your webcam and taking a series of pictures to validate your identity and then will take shots at random or some scheduled intervals. They are already in use and have plans to develop a virtual text center integrating their facial recognition software with best of class technologies.

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  5. Hi Sean,
    You can check other solution like SMOWL ( It needs “registraton” exercices too and it is in use since one year ago. It has an specific moodle plugin to manage all the face recognition reports in course attendance and proofs of identity at quizes.


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